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To create the most productive workplace for you and your business GDL Interiors offer a complete office refurbishment service including office partitioning to customers in Seven Oaks and throughout London, Essex and the home counties. 

Our aim is to help you get the most out of your office space so your workplace runs at maximum efficiency and you get the most cost effective use from your premises. Whether it is redecoration, office partitioning,or a complete office refurbishment you need, GDL Interiors will maximise your business space.

We provide a complete bespoke office design service so you can use your work environment to its best advantage. Our expert office design layouts will ensure that no space is wasted, saving you money by reducing the need for costly relocation.

Our design services in Seven Oaks make good use of office partitioning to separate off work rooms and create stylish new interview rooms, conference rooms, board rooms, rest rooms, canteen areas or entire office departments within your existing business premises.
We supply and install a full range of office partitioning including glass partitioning, solid wall partitioning, sound proof partitioning, storage wall partitioning, fire partitioning as well as demountable partitioning which can be taken down and re-erected if needed.

We also provide a complete office refurbishment service which can include revitalising your existing workspace with a simple redecoration or a providing a complete new office fit-out with carpets, office furniture, ceilings and washroom facilities.

All our office partitioning and office refurbishment work in Seven Oaks and elsewhere in the Home Counties is personally overseen by one of our company directors. We are proud of our excellent standards by producing high quality work at very competitive prices and with the least disruption to your business.

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About Seven Oaks

The town's name is derived from the Saxon word "Seouenaca" the name given to a small chapel near seven oak trees in Knole Park around AD800. These eponymous oak trees in Knole Park have been replaced several times over the centuries and in 1902 seven oaks were planted on the north side of The Vine cricket ground to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII. During the Great Storm of 1987 six of those trees were blown down. Their replacements, planted by well-known people from television were vandalised, leaving only one standing. There are now nine trees on the site of varying ages.

There are very few records earlier than the 13th century for the town when it was given market status. In the middle ages two hospitals were provided by religious orders for the care of old or sick people, especially those going on pilgrimage. In 1456 Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury purchased the Knole Estate and built Knole House, which still dominates the town today.

Knole Park is a 1,000 acre park inhabited by deer and several million trees, in its centre is Knole House, the home of the Sackville family (The Earls of Dorset) since it was given to them by Queen Elizabeth I in 1577. The estate is owned and maintained by the National Trust, although the Sackvilles still live there and is often visited by pupils of Sevenoaks School.

Riverhill House and gardens are located directly to the south of Knole Park on the southern edge of Sevenoaks. The house and gardens which were first built in the 16th century are privately owned by Jane Margaret Rogers but are periodically open to the public.

Sevenoaks School is the oldest secular school in England which was founded by Sir William Sennoke, a wealthy London merchant in 1432. Sennoke, an orphan, had been brought up in the town and later became a wealthy merchant and mayor. Founding the school and adjacent almshouses was his thanks to the town. In 1560 it was ordered by Queen Elizabeth I that it should be called "The Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth" and it was for the education of boys and youths in grammar and learning.

Seven Oaks has grown considerably since the building of the railway in 1862 when Seven Oaks became a fashionable place for London commuters to live. The town is situated at the junction of two main routes from the north before traffic climbs over the Greensand Ridge, which crosses Kent from west to east; a situation similar to Maidstone and Ashford. The road was one of the earliest in the county to be turnpike in 1709 because of the clay soils. The built up area of the town has mainly spread along the main roads with the settlement of Riverhead to the North West being the largest.

The Vine Cricket Ground is one of the oldest cricket grounds in England with the first recorded match having been played in 1734. It was given to the town in 1773 by John Sackville, the 3rd Duke of Dorset and owner of Knole House at that time. It is notable for being the first place in England to play cricket with three stumps. In 1777 an all-England team played Hambledon at the ground.

Interesting facts about Sevenoaks:

  • Diana, Princess of Wales - Went to West Heath School in Sevenoaks.
  • In January 1967 The Beatles made promotional films for "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Penny Lane" in Knole Park.
  • In a Westerham antiques shop John Lennon bought a Victorian advertisement for Pablo Fanque's Circus Royal, which provided the inspiration for "Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite" on the famous Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Bank album released later that year.
  • The writer Basil Copper is a long-term resident of Sevenoaks.
  • Sevenoaks is twinned with Ponoise in France and Rheinbach in Germany.
  • In 2005 Sevenoaks was awarded Fair-trade Town status.

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