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GDL Interiors Ltd takes its Health & Safety obligations to our clients very seriously. All of our work is carried out in accordance with Building Regulations BS 6262 Part 4, Safety & Human Impact. We follow a series of processes and procedures driven by a defined set of core installation service guidelines and project management core competencies that ensure you of peace of mind in all aspects of the products and service that we provide.

Our workforce is fully aware of the legal requirements regarding the installation of office partitioning and all the other services we provide and are fully trained/qualified to the highest of standards. They are also aware that each and every one of them are responsible for making sure that their own work, so far as is reasonably practicable, is carried out without risk to themselves or others.

When offering our clients advice on their office partitioning options it is imperative that we take into account each local authority’s individual legal requirements and make sure that these along with current Health & Safety rules are very carefully adhered to.

Health & Safety Regulations can vary from Council to Council, from building type to different building type and of course from location to location. For example, if the partitioning was being installed within a hospital, laboratory or in a food preparation area, stringent hygiene and sterile standards would have to be adhered to. Other similar places where this would apply would be the electronics, fibre-optics, pharmaceuticals and computer industries. They may also have requirements for environmentally controlled installations or may require Class 100 clean room conditions all of which if required GDL Interiors Ltd would be able to provide as part of our service.

When installing glass partitioning other legal factors come into play as glass has the potential to cause serious/fatal injury. Please see Health & Safety for Glass Partitioning on this web site for full glass partitioning rules and guidelines.

Before any work begins, a full risk assessment and method statement is created by our Health & Safety Officer. This describes the extent of the office partitioning works and identifies all the potential risks in advance, we will then put in place the necessary risk management protocols. The issues of concern from a risk assessment/management viewpoint are the location of the partitioning, the amount of foot traffic and plant that will be passing in close proximity and the type of activities which are to take place close to the partitioning itself.

Doors and gates are another aspect which needs to be given careful consideration when installing office partitioning. You’ll need to decide on what type of doors or gates you would require and whether they are to have solid panels, be made of glass or be swinging, static, fire retardent, lockable, or sliding etc. The Health & Safety rules differ for each product but are especially tight if the doors are to be made of glass (see Health & Safety Glass Partitioning).

We at GDL Interiors Ltd do all the necessary Local Authority Health & Safety checks on behalf of our clients and where necessary, complete the documentation, apply for the permissions or make appointments for inspections therefore alleviating the stress and worry from our clients and ensuring the smooth running of the project.

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