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Glass partitioning services in London & Essex

Using glass partitioning creates a modern, spacious office design that maximises on natural light and looks great.

If you're looking for something more private, then window blinds can be added to the glazed partition to create privacy when required - or you can even have frosted glass.

All glass partitioning can be finished with vinyl and custom finishes - so if you would like your company logo, colours or even the name of each room detailed on your brand new glass partitioning then you can!


Clients we work with:

We are proud to have worked with a large range of businesses across London, The South and the South East. Take a look below at many of the organisations/companies that trust us as well as local smaller business too.

  • Essex Police Federations
  • Colne Housing Association
  • One pension consultancy

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Glazed Partitioning - Features

  • Glazed partitioning creates a look of clean lines created by the translucent, rigid channels between the modules which are uninterrupted by intermediate posts.
  • There is the option of aluminium or timber channels at the head and base.
  • You have the choice of glazed or timber doors including the Avanti 'Fireclear' framless fire rated door.

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Glass Partitioning - The Benefits

Glass partitioning can be used to temporarily or permanently divide an office space into multiple areas or create a complete room within a room or add decorative division to an open plan area, it also helps reduce noise levels and provides some privacy within the working environment.

Glass room partitions are a cost effective way to divide/alter rooms requiring little to no structural changes therefore keeping the cost down to a minimum.

Glass partitioning creates a light and airy working environment; choose clear glass to create the illusion of open space. Use textured coloured or bevelled glass designs in your partitions if you want to create a focal point as well as increase privacy. They also help to reduce noise pollution and afford   privacy within the workspace.

This type of partitioning is normally constructed as single glazed units.  Double glazed glass partitioning has the advantage of better sound insulation; blinds can also be included between the sheets of glass if extra privacy is required.

Another benefit with glass partitioning is that you have the ability to apply decorative films with your company logo or emblem or indeed almost any design you request on them.

Glass partitions are not normally fire rated however, they can be made more fire resistant with special glass should this be required.

Doors within glass partitions are normally glass but can be solid if required, they can be fitted on patch hinges, floor mounts or sliding rails, within frames or frameless systems.

Glass partitioning is also available in various forms not just as straight flat glass panels. We can create bespoke curved or faceted screens to suit your design.

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