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Moving walls & operable wall systems for Essex & London

Operable walls are the most flexible wall system. They can be fitted in any room, they do not require a floor track (so there is no risk of tripping over), they are extremely quiet to use, they are easy to move and you can pick the thickness of the wall depending on how soundproof you want the room to be.

Additionally there are a huge range of styles, materials and finishes so you can have the perfect look and feel for your office, board room, hotel or meeting room. Whatever the space you need to control, operable and moving wall systems are a great solution.


Find some of the clients that have used us for operable & movable wall systems:

  • NHS – Homerton Hopsital
  • John Good Shopping
  • Giles Oliver

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Our planning team & service are here to help:

As every room and every project are different, we offer a full support and planning service to help you get the perfect finish and product for your needs.

Our planning service is here to help you choose the right wall type from the wide range of models available. We can help with space planning, measurements and getting the perfect solution for your project.


More information on operable wall systems


  • Suitable for use in locations ranging from offices, meeting and board rooms to hotels and conference centres.

  • Modules run smoothly and quietly on multi bearing roller trolleys hung from ceiling mounted track.

  • No floor track required so that risk of tripping is obviated and floor coverings between separated areas can be continuous.

  • High sound attenuation achieved when wall is in position by means of seals and head and base and double magnetic strips at vertical edges for each module.

  • Extensive selection of panel finishes and option for glazed modules.

Operable walls form the most flexible wall system in the selection of movable walls. There are no hinges, and no limits to park elements. You can park the panels in the other room if you like, using upper track system. You probably wonder whether it is possible to install such walls after your rooms have already been finished by the architect – the answer is a definite yes! You never know when you might need to rearrange your rooms by creating additional space – operable walls give you the opportunity with no significant effort and labour.

The thickness of an operable wall panel is 85-100mm (depending on the level of sound insulation). A wide range of materials is used for acoustic isolation. All the panels are framed with anodised aluminium (except the 50dB wall in which case concealed aluminium frame is a standard solution), which gives the panels a touch of elegance and strength.

Our planning service is willing to help you to choose the right wall type from the wide range of our models to meet your needs. Operable and folding walls are planned and measured for every project according to its requirements. The planning service is there to assist you with your questions concerning for example, measurements, difficulties with dividing rooms etc. Please email and we would be more than happy to help you.

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