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Glazed Protective Screens for COSCO Shipping Lines Case Study

COSCO Shipping Lines is one of the largest shipping groups in the world and has been operating in the UK since 1988. They handle a range of services including supply chain management, freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance and more.

COSCO needed 208 bespoke desk mounted glazed protective screens installed in their offices in Barking, Essex and Felixstowe, Suffolk. They needed the protective screens for several desks located throughout the buildings.

Protective Screens        Covid Desk Screens


  • Company: COSCO Shipping Lines (UK) Ltd.
  • Location: Barking, Essex & Felixstowe, Suffolk
  • Project Type: Commercial Office Protective Screens

Scope of Works

  • We held an initial meeting with our clients to discuss the options for protective screens for desks in their offices.
  • After we presented concepts for potential designs, our clients chose the designs they preferred which were within their budget.
  • We scoped out the locations of each desk within the offices and where the cough screens should be located.
  • Each desk had a different size and configuration, so we specially measured each desk for the appropriate size cough screen.
  • We made each individual cough screen to order so they could fit the differently sized desk.
  • Our team used 6 mm toughened safety glass for all of the individual cough screens.
  • We made a light weight powder coated aluminum frame and used it to mount each of the cough screens to the floor.
  • We completed the installation process with minimal disruption to both staff and clients.

Critical Issues

The configurations of each desk were different for each floor/office. In addition, not all the desks had the same size. This meant that we could not mass produce the glass in bulk for the project.

Each desk was individually measured so that the appropriate sized protective screen could be made to fit. We made the cough screens to fit each desk and safely delivered them to the  offices for installation.

End Result

We successfully constructed 208 individual cough screens made from toughened safety glass. These were desk mounted with a lightweight aluminum frame.

We completed the entire project within the agreed time frame and well within budget. Our client expressed complete satisfaction with the final result.

Benefits of Protective Screens

At GDL Interiors we supply a range of screens designed to provide protection from coughs and sneezes while also looking aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of the benefits of cough screens:

  • They help keep your staff and clients protected from the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases.
  • You can implement them anywhere and reposition them wherever needed. This allows for more flexible working arrangements.
  • Transparent glass screens allow for more light, and you can still retain visibility and interactions with staff and clients while being fully protected.
  • They are very easy to clean and keep hygienic.
  • Toughened glass is extremely durable and these screens will last a long time.
  • The screens are designed to blend seamlessly with the environment and be aesthetically pleasing.

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