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Benefit from the advantages of adaptable space with our movable wall systems.

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Movable Walls & Operable Wall Systems in Essex

All businesses would benefit from the advantages of adaptable space, and movable walls offer the perfect solution. A static layout gives you little room for manoeuvre, and sliding room dividers can make all the difference. This applies to all types of premises, from busy offices and sports facilities to catering and retail spaces.

What works for you one day could be an issue the next, as your interior space requirements fluctuate. Setting up a large meeting or event is a challenge if all you have is a series of small offices. By the same token, a large room that’s rarely used is essentially a waste of space. Operable wall systems provide a simple and cost-effective way of making the best possible use of your interior footprint.

Operable walls are the most flexible wall system. They can be fitted in any room, they do not require a floor track (so there is no risk of tripping over), they are extremely quiet to use, they are easy to move and you can pick the thickness of the wall depending on how soundproof you want the room to be.

Additionally, there is a huge range of styles, materials and finishes so you can have the perfect look and feel for your office, board room, hotel or meeting room. Whatever space you need to control, operable and moving wall systems are a great solution.

Our planning team & service are here to help

Here at GDL Interiors, we’ve been helping customers shape their business and commercial spaces for over 30 years. We’ve kept ahead of the game in terms of technology, new ideas and new materials. That means we can offer sound advice on the best and most cost-effective solution for your business.

As every room and every project are different, we offer a full support and planning service to help you get the perfect finish and product for your needs.

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If you have any questions or want to find out how we can help

We have a dedicated support team ready to answer any questions you might have. Our quotations and site visits are free – simply contact us to see how we can help you today:


  • Suitable for use in locations ranging from offices, meeting and board rooms to hotels and conference centres.
  • Modules run smoothly and quietly on multi bearing roller trolleys hung from ceiling mounted track.
  • No floor track required so that risk of tripping is obviated and floor coverings between separated areas can be continuous.
  • High sound attenuation achieved when wall is in position by means of seals and head and base and double magnetic strips at vertical edges for each module.
  • Extensive selection of panel finishes and option for glazed modules.


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Regardless of whether you’re looking to divide your room or expand it our movable walls are designed to be multifunctional, making it easier for you to maximise or minimise space, as and when you need to. Here at GDL Interiors, we supply the acoustic movable walls to evolve space, allowing you to get the most out of your office space.

Sound reduction.

To prevent sounds from travelling and causing a disruption, why not consider one of the acoustic movable walls that we supply? They have the ability to divide any room, making it more practical and also preventing sounds from travelling across the room. The walls can prevent sound leakage in schools and the office, alike.


As well as this, our movable partitions can come in extremely handy for meeting rooms, ensuring that they are suitable for confidential meetings and practical for conferences.

There is no set purpose for the movable walls that we provide; they are designed to make a smooth, stylish, ergonomic addition to any working environment-can you afford not to invest in one? Our partitions enable you to boost the aesthetics of your office, creating a more professional environment for your employees to work in or for students to learn.


Understandably, you want to make your room more sophisticated and contemporary; and with one of our acoustic movable walls you have the opportunity to do so. Our partitions are designed to look permanent and to suit any environment. Additionally, they are all designed to blend seamlessly, paying special attention to design.
The movable walls are designed to be flexible, suiting the requirements of any space, however, they incorporate a discrete design. As well as this, they are cut to size and provide acoustic performance, ensuring that volumes are kept to a minimum.


In terms of installation, you cannot go wrong with the acoustic movable walls that we supply. Our acoustic partitions are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a solution for making the most of the space you have available.

With one of our movable walls you can easily open up an area, creating an illusion for additional space, however, you can also divide a room up into sections, making it more convenient for concentrating.

The partitions are designed to be quick and easy to install, however, our team of experts can install them for you, saving you time and effort!

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The benefits of movable walls

There are a variety of operable wall systems available, including sliding room dividers and folding room dividers. Whatever the system, it allows you to reconfigure your business space to suit your needs.

There’s no need for floor track, which means no issues with trip hazards. You can also choose between different thicknesses if you require better soundproofing. Below are some of the additional benefits of operable wall systems.

Less expensive

Changing the layout of your business premises can be a costly project. It generally requires contractors to build stud frames, including any necessary wiring. This is followed by plasterboard and often plaster, which can be a messy and time-consuming job.

Sliding room dividers can be fitted quickly and easily, with the minimum of disruption. This means less downtime for your business and staff, which makes the process even more cost-effective.

Better use of space

Sliding or folding room dividers allow you to make the most of your available space. Within seconds you can turn a three-desk office into a two-desk office and a private meeting room. Once your meeting or interview is over, you can simply revert to the original configuration.

How you use your business space is clearly up to you, but static walls offer far fewer options. An operable wall system provides the flexibility to adapt to what is often a changing situation. Even a large school hall can be quickly transformed into smaller spaces for different activities.

A stylish option

Movable walls are available in a range of styles, materials and finishes. That means an operable wall system doesn’t have to look bland and functional. Indeed, a moveable glass wall will add a dash of sophistication to any business or commercial interior.

Contact us here at GDL Interiors if you’d like to know more about our wide range of partition options. We’re happy to offer the best possible advice on the right solution for your premises.

Some of the clients that have used us for operable & movable wall systems

  • NHS – Homerton Hopsital
  • John Good Shipping
  • Giles Oliver

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Operable walls form the most flexible wall system in the selection of movable walls. There are no hinges, and no limits to park elements. You can park the panels in the other room if you like, using upper track system. You probably wonder whether it is possible to install such walls after your rooms have already been finished by the architect – the answer is a definite yes! You never know when you might need to rearrange your rooms by creating additional space – operable walls give you the opportunity with no significant effort and labour.

The thickness of an operable wall panel is 85-100mm (depending on the level of sound insulation). A wide range of materials is used for acoustic isolation. All the panels are framed with anodised aluminium (except the 50dB wall in which case concealed aluminium frame is a standard solution), which gives the panels a touch of elegance and strength.

Our planning service is willing to help you to choose the right wall type from the wide range of our models to meet your needs. Operable and folding walls are planned and measured for every project according to its requirements. The planning service is there to assist you with your questions concerning for example, measurements, difficulties with dividing rooms etc. Please email and we would be more than happy to help you.

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