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Office Decoration Services – Commercial Painters

Whether it’s value for money, a luxurious finish or high impact you’re after, it is our job to help you achieve the perfect office space for you and your business.

We listen to what you want to do and bring your thoughts and requirements to life with our full decoration service. Once you are happy with the concept our expert team come in and decorate your office to the highest standards.

Find some of the clients that have used us for office decoration services:

  • CCS Media
  • Essex Police Federation
  • TT Education

From wall coverings & wall decorations, to making the most of your space:

The possibilities are endless for a truly stunning office space. You can have fabric-covered walls, traditional paper with modern styles, write on & wipe off walls or digital print just to name a few.

Whatever the look and feel you are aiming for, we have the experience and expertise to help you get what you want.

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If you have any questions or want to find out how we can help 

We have a dedicated support team ready to answer any questions you might have. Our quotations and site visits are free – simply get in contact with us to see how we can help you today:

Professional Office Decorator Service

You can choose from fabric backed or paper-backed styles in various widths, or from luxurious textiles and specialist papers produced with natural grasses or fibreglass. We also supply a write on – wipe off wall covering and ones that you can digitally design yourself. Our range of over 1300 environmentally friendly products have been chosen with style, longevity and durability in mind and are available at prices to suit every budget.

Fabric backed wall coverings 

Fabric backed wall coverings are extremely tough and durable and priced to suit all budgets. They are ideal for areas of heavy traffic like reception areas, public areas, corridors and stairwells, as their cotton scrim or backing material provides the extra strength necessary to withstand heavy wear and tear.

There are over 50 designs to choose from in this range, featuring everything from the ever-popular modern geometric patterns to the more classical floral designs. These wall coverings also come in a range of widths, the narrowest being just 52cms expanding to 130 cms and should they ever need replacing, all products can be stripped easily making re-application simple and straightforward.

Paper backed wall coverings

We have a great range of paper backed wall coverings featuring many different colours and designs. The paper-backed range is ideal for low traffic areas, such as office and boardroom interiors.

We also have a range of wide, paper backed wall coverings that have been designed specifically for the purpose of decorating office partition systems. These coverings, when used in conjunction with a specifically patented fire protection system, will meet Euro Class B fire certification requirements. Ask us for details of these revolutionary wall covering and partition combinations

Alternative wall coverings

The range of wall coverings on offer goes far beyond paper and fabric backed products to include modern, high-end alternative materials such as woven grass papers and wall coverings made from woven fibreglass. These environmentally friendly materials are extremely durable, attractive and fire retardant.

Write on – wipe off wall coverings

Your white board on a wall – this wall covering is ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and educational establishments from junior schools to universities. It goes on like a normal wall covering but it acts as a whiteboard. The dry wipe surface is perfect for problem solving sessions or for simply leaving messages for people.

Wall coverings with digital print

Wall coverings can be produced in your company colours, featuring your company logo or corporate message, repeated ad-infinitum. We can also produce a plain wall covering designed to cover a large accent wall featuring a huge, centrally positioned logo. The possibilities are endless and the effect is truly amazing. Clients and customers alike will be blown away by the visual impact of this wall covering, which may just as easily be defined as a digital art installation.

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