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Office Space Planning in Essex

In order to get the most out of your workplace setup, you need to consider the best way to utilise your office space. Office floor planning allows you to arrange your flooring, lighting, storage and furniture for best use. With the right office plan layout, you can impress clients, visitors and staff, whilst also improving functionality and aesthetics.

Here at GDL Interiors, we have years of experience when it comes to designing unique and impressive office spaces. Our expert team will visit your office, learn what you need, and take measurements as required. We can then arrange a time to fit out your office in or out of office hours at your convenience.

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Office Space Planning by Stage

We will arrange a meeting with you at your workplace to take your brief for your office space layout. This will include details such as the number of offices and meeting rooms needed, how many people will be occupying the area. On acceptance of the proposed office floor plans, we’ll present you with a programme of works including swatches detailing what type of wall and floor coverings are to be used.

Work can be carried out out of hours if required to minimise disruption to business activities.

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Benefits of Office Floor Planning

  • The main benefit of a good quality office plan layout is that it helps you use your entire space to its fullest. You will end up wasting little to no space, and you don’t have to spend money on costly office extensions or relocations. This will improve efficiency and keep costs down in the long term.
  • Another advantage of improving your office floor usage is that it gives you better insight into how that space is used. You can monitor which areas are used more regularly and which spaces are underused and allocate resources accordingly.
  • If your company is growing, then you need to ensure you have enough capacity to handle this increase. Quite often this is a simple matter of effective space management. Not only can you go further with optimal space usage, but you can get a clearer understanding of when you will need to upgrade your space.
  • The modern workplace is ever changing, and your office floor should adapt with the times. Rather than fixed spaces and locked down desks, office space management allows you to plan for more flexible working arrangements. This will improve the productivity and morale of your staff.
  • With wasted space comes wasted energy usage. If an area is underused, then the amount of lighting, heating, air conditioning and other resources used will go to waste. Therefore, office floor management can help you utilise your space to be more energy efficient.
  • A happy and comfortable workforce will prove to be much more productive. By using your space in way that meets the needs of your staff, they will feel better motivated, and you will be more likely to retain them. Consider building your space strategy around your workforce, rather than expecting them to just fit in.

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