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Make a difference to the look, feel and quality of your office with suspended ceilings.

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Suspended ceilings for offices & work spaces in Essex

Suspended ceilings make a huge difference to the look, feel and quality of your office. A well designed and properly installed suspended ceiling can make your office lighter, quieter and even help keep it warmer – as well as looking incredible too.

Some clients that have used us for suspended ceilings in their office include:

  • Global Marine Systems Ltd
  • Withers LLP
  • Four Wantz

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What are the benefits of a suspended ceiling for your office?

As well as improving the look and feel of your office, a suspended ceiling offers a number of superb benefits:

  • Lower ceilings have inbuilt thermal insulation that helps keep your office warmer. In addition, the lower the ceiling, the less space you will need heated. This helps your office save money on energy and heating bills.
  • Not only do lower suspended ceiling systems save on heating bills, but they also reduce sound pollution and echoing. This allows your staff to work in comfort without distracting noise, potentially increasing morale and productivity.
  • By installing suspended ceilings within your ceiling grid, you can add recess light fittings to brighten up your office. You can choose either LED panels or use fittings with reflective diffusers to reduce glare on PC screens.
  • Another huge benefit that comes with lower ceilings is that they improve the look of your office overall. They can hide pipes and duct work, allowing easy access for maintenance with the added benefit of making your space more attractive.
  • Lowered ceilings can create the impression of more space in your office. Lighter coloured ceilings add highly reflective qualities that can help brighten up interiors and improve the overall look and functionality of your office.
  • Areas such as office kitchens and bathrooms can become quite humid and unsanitary. We can treat lowered ceilings with antimicrobial formulas that can inhibit the development of mould and bacteria, helping to improve hygiene.
  • There are a wide range of designs, materials, and colours you can use when putting in your lowered ceiling. Whatever your desired look and style, there is a variety of choices that can suit your office space.

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