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Movable Partition Screens

Instantly change the layout of your space with mobile wall partitions.

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A Range of Movable Room Divider Partition Options

At GDL Interiors we offer movable wall options that can suit any need from i.e.: movable acoustic walls to sliding folding partitions, glass movable walls etc. Having the ability to instantly change the layout of your space with mobile wall partitions allows for great flexibility and design ideas.

We have a wide range of options available that come in various shapes, sizes, finishes and more, our screens will provide you with the right level of protection and privacy you need in the office.

Why Choose Movable Partitions?

Our movable partitions have a range of uses in the workplace, although their main purpose is as temporary room dividers. You can easily separate rooms into training areas, storage locations, medical bays and more.

They provide acoustic benefits that allow you to temporarily seal off areas for presentations. You can use them to create private offices or waiting areas for clients. They are very versatile and you can use them for any number of uses within the workplace.

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Benefits of Partition Screens

Movable partitions provide a number of benefits:

    • Screens add extra privacy in busy areas. With movable screens, you can quickly set up temporary meeting areas, reception spaces and other private areas as called for.
    • They add extra protection from the spread of germs and diseases. In particular, they protect the spread of germs by sneezes and coughs.
    • Temporary room dividers help minimise noise and distractions. This will help you to increase your focus and concentration. This makes them a great addition to religious centres and study areas.
    • Movable screens are flexible so you can adapt them for use in any situation. Once they have served their use you can easily move them to another area.
    • You can use flexible screens for a wide range of applications, including medical facilities, offices, recreation centres and schools.
    • The screens help you to use your space more effectively by creating multi-functional rooms within rooms.
    • They are easy to transport and set up anywhere, saving you time and money compared to setting up permanent partitions.
    • In addition, there are no costly and disruptive building works needed to set these dividers up. Once you have them set up you can move them to wherever you need quickly and easily.
    • Finally, when you no longer need to use the screens you can easily fold and store them away until such time as they are needed again.

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GDL Interiors

Here at GDL Interiors, we are dedicated to giving you the best quality partition screens for your workplace needs. We are committed to customer care every step of the way and will work directly with you to create the best temporary wall solutions that will work for you. To find out more about our movable screens and other products please contact our friendly team online or via phone today.

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