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Commercial Fit Out – Professional Planning

If your office has a poor layout then this can have a negative effect on staff productivity. The layout of your office needs to reflect the needs of staff and clients; if it is not set up well it can impact the quality of work and the success of your business. It is therefore worth considering a commercial fit out if you want your office layout to be at its best. Perhaps you could use extra spaces to reflect the growth of your business. On the other hand, maybe you need new furniture that is in tune with the changing needs of your staff. Here are some options that you should consider for a commercial fit out in your office.

Commercial Fit Out

1. More Versatility

One of the major features of the modern workplace is the increase in digital solutions and online work. With the ability of staff to work in any location they choose, it makes sense that companies create work environments that reflect this increasing flexibility. Office partitions and desk screens will provide staff temporary working spaces without being bound to a permanent work area. In addition, centralised office storage will give staff a safe location to store personal items even when moving between desks.

2. Comfortable Environment

To have a productive workplace you need to set it up so that staff can feel comfortable and relaxed. One way you can achieve this is through the use of glass partitions that make use of natural light. You can also use fitted office furniture that creates a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, you can make separate spaces using partitions to create informal meeting areas to foster collaborations. Whichever commercial fit out you choose for your office, you should focus it on helping staff feel comfortable working together.

3. Quiet Atmosphere

Nobody wants to be working in the middle of an echo chamber, so keeping acoustics in mind is vital for any commercial fit out. The constant sound of voices, interruptions and equipment noises will annoy and distract staff over time and lead to loss in productivity. Acoustic walls and partitioning will help reduce the amount of noise penetrating work areas. In addition, suspended ceilings can also decrease the volume of noise pollution, creating a more peaceful work atmosphere overall.

4. Rest and Recreation

Many modern workplaces understand that in order to keep staff productive they need places to relax and unwind. Places for resting, reading, playing or dining will help reduce stress and may even lead to creative ideas and new collaborations between staff. As such, informal and comfortable office furniture is a great idea for such a location, as are acoustic walls and ceilings to reduce noise intruding from other areas.

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Here at GDL Interiors we have over 30 years of experience creating bespoke commercial fit outs for a range of clients. We will work with you to create the best layout for your office all with minimal disruption, on time and within budget. To find out more about our services for office space planning feel free to make enquiries with our friendly team online or via phone today.

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