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Commercial Partitioning, Refurbishment & Decoration Services in London

With more than 30 years of experience in office relocation, interior design, renovations, and partitioning, we at GDL Interiors provide businesses all over the London area with expert office fit-out services

In addition to corporate offices, we also provide our services to schools, government organisations, police stations, council offices, and healthcare facilities including hospitals, and military structures. See below the following services that we offer to businesses in London and throughout the UK:

Glass Partitions

Demountable Partitioning - Glass Room Dividers

Beautiful training room in a modern office

Without sacrificing floor space or natural light, glass partitions can be used to separate private, quiet workspaces. There are numerous bespoke finishes available, including different colours and even company logos. These are neat and modern workplace options that can be used permanently or temporarily, depending on your needs.


Glass Office Partitions

Office Refurbishment

Whether you need to renovate an outdated office or fix a damaged one, we offer a complete refurbishment package for your workspace. For businesses in London, we offer new window blind installation as well as suspended ceilings, painting, decorating, carpeting, and flooring. With our assistance, your workplace can be set up to look its best.

Office Refurbishment


Moveable & Operable Wall Systems

Moveable wall systems can be used to build temporary workspaces as and when needed. You can retract these walls if you require more space, and any space can accommodate one of our many mobile and movable wall systems. They can be used to create temporary rooms and operate in a quiet and flexible manner.

Moveable Partitions & Partition Screens

Reception Design

The reception area is frequently where customers form their first impressions of your business. Because of this, you want it to look as welcoming and practical as possible. We offer design services for lighting, branding, furniture, colour schemes, and accessibility for your reception. Contact us to find out how we can improve your lobby and to arrange for a free on-site consultation and quote.

Reception Design

Office Reception Design

Refreshing, new office space

Office Relocation

Moving offices can be a difficult and stressful process for you and your staff. We can provide you with a straightforward, cost-effective solution if the time ever comes that you need to relocate your office. To ensure minimal disruption, wiring, room dividers, flooring, and other details will all be organised as part of a move plan.

Office Moves & Commercial Removals


Office Furniture

The furniture you select for your workspace affects both the comfort of your employees and clients as well as the aesthetics of your office. We provide top-notch furniture options that are suitable for any office in the Greater London area. Whether you require desks, storage, screens, reception furniture, office pods, or any other item, our selection of options can easily satisfy your requirements.

Fitted Office Furniture


Office Flooring

In addition to making a good first impression on clients, outdated carpet and flooring can be a trip hazard. We can offer a selection of enticing and long-lasting carpeting and flooring options for your business. We can also provide specialty flooring materials, such as waterproof and non-slip surfaces, for public and commercial spaces.

Commercial Carpets & Flooring

Desk Screens

For your workplace, we can create custom screens, including freestanding models and screens for front desks. These barriers help to stop the transmission of germs and contagious diseases among employees or clients. They are made of high-quality glass, allowing them to blend in with the surroundings and allow interaction while still providing excellent protection.

Desk Screens

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