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Commercial Partitioning, Refurbishment & Decoration Services in Middlesex

Businesses of any kind in Middlesex will highly benefit from the office fit out services we offer at GDL Interiors. We have more than 30 years of experience in areas including office relocation, interior design, renovations, and partitioning.

We provide our services to businesses, schools, government offices, police stations, council offices, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and military facilities. You can discover more about our Middlesex business services below:

Glass partitions

Demountable Partitioning - Glass Room Dividers

Beautiful training room in a modern office

We can create specialised, quiet workstations using glass walls that still provide a sense of openness and allow natural light to filter through. We will be happy to assist you in choosing from various finishes, such as colours and the incorporation of company logos. These sleek, contemporary workplace options can be a permanent or temporary solution for privacy, depending on your needs.


Glass Office Partitions

Office Refurbishment

Whether you need to restore a damaged office, or you wish to modernise an outdated one, GDL Interiors can provide a complete refurbishment package for your business. Some of the office refurbishment services we offer to businesses in Middlesex include partitioning, flooring, lighting decorating, and installing new window blinds and suspended ceilings. With our help, your workplace can be optimised to appear at its best.

Office Refurbishment


Moveable & Operable Wall Systems

When the need arises, you can create temporary workstations using moveable wall systems. These barriers may be readily retracted if you need additional space. Any office space may have several mobile and adjustable wall systems installed. They are a silent, economical, and flexible way to build temporary rooms.

Moveable Partitions & Partition Screens

Reception Design

The reception area of your business typically shapes a client’s first impression of your company. Therefore, you want it to look as functional and attractive as possible. We provide complete reception design services in terms of lighting, branding, furniture, colour schemes, and accessibility. To find out how we can enhance your reception, get in touch with us for a free on-site assessment and quote.

Reception Design

Office Reception Design

Refreshing, new office space

Office Relocation

Moving offices can be a complex and stressful process for both you and your staff. If you need to relocate your office, we can provide a straightforward, cost-effective full solution.  We provide you with everything you need i.e.: packing up office contents, dismantling furnishings/computers etc. and transporting to new location.  Once at new location we will install/assemble all necessary furnishings/equipment including a full data installation service. Our aim is to make this transition as stress free as possible for our clients and to get them up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Office Moves & Commercial Removals


Office Furniture

The comfort of your staff and customers, plus the appearance of your company, depends on having high quality office fittings. Any workplace in Middlesex can benefit from the first-rate furnishings we have available. Whether you require desks, storage items, screens, reception furniture, or office pods, we have many options that should easily meet your needs.

Fitted Office Furniture


Office Flooring

Your carpet and flooring needs to impress visitors, but also be up to date to avoid any health and safety risks caused by old or damaged flooring. We stock an impressive range of stylish and long-lasting carpeting and flooring choices for your business. We can also provide unique flooring alternatives, such as waterproof and non-slip floors, for public and commercial spaces.

Commercial Carpets & Flooring

Desk Screens

We provide personalised screens for your company, including freestanding options and permanent screens for your reception area. These screens will shield employees from the spread of germs and infectious diseases from clients or co-workers. They are made of leading quality glass, which enables them to blend in with your surroundings while providing excellent protection.

Desk Screens

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