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Commercial Partitioning, Refurbishment & Decoration Services in Surrey

At GDL Interiors, our professional office fit out services can benefit all businesses in Surrey. We have over three decades worth of knowledge and experience when it comes to office relocation, interior design, renovations, and partitioning.

Our services cover businesses, schools, government offices, police stations, council offices, healthcare institutions, hospitals, and military locations. Here are some examples of the business services we offer in Surrey:

Glass Partitions

Demountable Partitioning - Glass Room Dividers

Beautiful training room in a modern office

We can use glass barriers to create specialised, quiet workplaces while retaining spaciousness and natural lighting. We will gladly assist you in selecting various finishes, including different designs and corporate logos. These sleek, modern workplace privacy solutions can be permanent or temporary, depending on your requirements.


Glass Office Partitions

Office Refurbishment

We offer a comprehensive refurbishment plan for your business, whether you need to  modernise or restore your office. Painting, decorating and installing new window shades and suspended ceilings are just a few of the services we provide to Surrey companies. Your office can be made to look its best with our aid.

Office Refurbishment


Moveable & Operable Wall Systems

You can use mobile wall systems to establish temporary workstations when the need arises. If you want more room, these barriers may be easily withdrawn. Several moveable and flexible wall systems can be built in any workplace area. They are a low noise, cost effective, and adaptable method of constructing temporary rooms.

Moveable Partitions & Partition Screens

Reception Design

Your reception area will often shape a client’s initial impression of your organisation. With this in mind, you want this space to be both practical and attractive. We offer full-service reception design, including lighting, branding, furniture, colour schemes, and accessibility. Contact us for a free on-site evaluation and estimate to learn more about how we can enhance your welcome area.

Reception Design

Office Reception Design

Refreshing, new office space

Office Relocation

Moving offices can be a complex and stressful process for both you and your staff. If you need to relocate your office, we can provide a straightforward, cost-effective full solution.  We provide you with everything you need i.e.: packing up office contents, dismantling furnishings/computers etc. and transporting to new location.  Once at new location we will install/assemble all necessary furnishings/equipment including a full data installation service. Our aim is to make this transition as stress free as possible for our clients and to get them up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Office Moves & Commercial Removals


Office Furniture

The comfort of your employees and clients, as well as the image of your business, are dependent on having high-quality office fixtures. Any Surrey office may benefit from the high-quality furniture we stock. We are confident that our various solutions will fulfil your requirements, whether you need desks, storage items, screens, reception furniture, or office pods

Fitted Office Furniture


Office Flooring

Your carpet and flooring must not only wow guests, but also be current for the reason that outdated or broken flooring might risk health and safety. We provide a large selection of beautiful and durable carpeting and flooring choices for your company. We can also supply innovative flooring options for public and commercial venues, such as waterproof and non-slip floors.

Commercial Carpets & Flooring

Desk Screens

We provide customised screens for your business, including freestanding choices and permanent welcome area panels. These screens will protect staff from germs being transferred by clients or co-workers. They are composed of high-quality glass that blends perfectly with your surroundings while offering exceptional protection.

Desk Screens

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