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Glass Partitioning Bromley | Glass Manifestation Kent

For the very best in glass partitioning Bromley and glass manifestation Kent, contact GDL Interiors. We supply and install glass partitioning, in clear, frosted and opaque glass and are proud of our reputation for providing quality work, on time, to specification and budget. We can also supply and apply glass manifestation in the size, colour and design of your choice.

Our glass partitioning systems are frameless, fully glazed and dry jointed with clear channels between the modules. This means the partitioning appears seamless but it can be disassembled easily should you need to reposition it. Our glass partitioning is available with either single, or double glazed partitions and can be fitted with or without manifestation. With double glazed partitioning you can also opt for integrated window blinds. They are especially useful in situations where there is a need for enhanced privacy or, when the sun is shining at just the wrong angle.

Our range of hinged or sliding glazed doors and solid wood doors are specifically designed to work with glazed partitions and they come with either aluminium or wood channels at the top and bottom.

Clear rigid channels are installed between the modules for our glazed partitioning, although you do have the option of aluminium or timber channels if you’d prefer, together with the choice of glass or wooden doors. Also included in our range is the Avanti ‘Fireclear’ frameless fire rated door, this is ideal if your partitions require fire rating and we will always advise you if you need to use fire rated materials.

Glass Partitioning can be used to divide a larger office space into several smaller ones. It can be used to create separate cubicles, separate offices and whole rooms within rooms. It is ideal for consultation rooms, interview rooms and in circumstances where conversation needs to be kept private.

It provides the perfect platform for any corporate manifestation and can be used to deliver key messages. Your glass manifestation could clearly display your company logo or message whilst at the same time, alerting your staff or the public, to the presence of glass partitioning. This last point is particularly important from a health and safety standpoint since it is the responsibility of the office owner to highlight the existence of any clear glass partitioning.

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