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Glass Partitions to Divide Workspace

Over recent years glass partitions have become an integral element of modern office design. The history of glass goes back centuries, and yet it’s still one of the most versatile and useful materials. It’s particularly effective when used to create workspaces within business premises. So let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why.

Glass Partitions

Glass partitioning

Nowadays, many offices are located in buildings that were previously used for something else. For example, old industrial buildings and warehouses, which were not designed with office life in mind. Often these spaces need to be divided into workable areas. In the past, stud partition walls were built to create separate offices, meeting rooms, storerooms etc.

More recently the trend has been to create these divisions between rooms using a glass partition wall. Some take the form of a half stud wall with the upper section in glass. But floor to ceiling glass partitions are becoming increasingly common.

The benefits of using glass

Stud walls clearly have their place. But a room with a single window – or even no window at all – can appear dark and uninviting. Glass partitioning creates a private place for meetings without cutting the occupants off from the rest of the workplace. Glass gives a space a much more open feel, and makes the best possible use of natural light.

An office complex of dim, claustrophobic rooms nowadays looks outdated, and that can reflect negatively on your company. Light and airy spaces created with glass partitions give a forward thinking and contemporary look. And that’s the kind of statement you want to be making about your business.

Moreover, glass partitioning is often a more cost-effective option than building solid or stud walls. Installing it causes less disruption, meaning the office can get back up and running more quickly.

GDL Interiors

Here at GDL Interiors we’ve been helping customers create contemporary office spaces for over 30 years. We can offer a range of choices for your business, including custom finishes with your company logo or lettering. For more privacy when needed we can supply stylish window blinds, or glass partitions with a frosted finish.

Doors can be either glass or solid, and partitions can be made more fire-resistant if necessary. We can create curved or faceted screens to fit your design or the shape of your building if required. In fact, the options we can provide are limited only by your imagination. And to make your life easier, our experienced team of specialists are always on hand to help.

Improve your space

Why not take a look at your own office space, and try and imagine how glass partitions could improve it. Create new spaces within your building, and turn a drab office into a contemporary workplace. Impress your clients and visitors, and provide new motivation for your office team. If you’d like more information or to discuss your ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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