How An Open Space Office Layout Can Increase Productivity

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How office interior design and layout can increase productivity

Good office interior design will directly and positively impact employee engagement and morale within the business. We all know that a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast will work wonders for employee productivity, but do we consider factors such as the view from the window or the layout of the office environment. If you find yourself answering no to this question, you could be missing out on a huge increase in productivity. The correlation between good office design and an increase in employee productivity has been proven by stacks of research and studies.

Considering your office interior design does not simply mean jumping on the latest trend wagon, first you must define what exactly productivity means to you as a business. Is it getting work done faster? Is it making more sales? Or being more creative? Whatever your definition of productivity is, it can have a real impact on how your office is laid out. What works for one company may not work another so it is important to stay away from trends to avoid making expensive mistakes.

Fundamental Office Interior Design Aspects

That being said, there are several fundamental office interior design aspects that will have a positive effect on increased productivity across the board:

  1. Ergonomics: this is the most obvious factor that can have an impact on your productivity, simply because you’re going to be hugely productive if your back is killing you. Take some time to adjust your workstation so that no muscles are strained. Making sure everything is within reach and getting your chair/desk high right is a great place to start.
  2. Clutter: another obvious one here, but keeping a clutter free desk will massively improve productivity and organisation. As a manager you should promote a paperless environment as much as you can to really reduce clutter. We understand there are some situations that can’t be paperless and this is where you should promote the use of a filing system to keep documents tidied away and organised for later use.
  3. Improve your layout: take a look at where all of your employees sit and the location of office equipment and consider how you can improve the overall flow of your office. Try to keep teams sat together and office equipment should be in areas that are easily accessible for everyone. Keeping spaces open and easy to move around will have positive effects.
  4. Control noise levels: it is important to minimise auditory distractions in the work place, and the easy solution to this works hand in hand with our previous tip of improve your layout. Keep all office equipment that creates noise such as fax machines and printers in an easily accessible area where the level of sound does not have any impact.

Considering these factors could have a real positive impact on the productivity of everyone working in your office. At GDL Interiors we pride ourselves on tailor-making solutions for every individual client to ensure the productivity of each individual office is considered.

Contact one of our friendly team today to find out more about how we can help you transform your office environment and really help to boost the productivity of your employees with office interior design by GDL Interiors.

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