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Office Decoration in Witham

Office Furniture, Blinds and Flooring for Offices Across Essex

For all your office decoration and office furniture needs, come to GDL interiors. We specialise in office decoration and office furniture in Witham in Essex, in Suffolk and throughout the whole of the Home Counties and the UK.

We believe passionately in the importance of a good company image and the positive effect this has on its staff and customers. We know that a well decorated office with contemporary office furniture gives the impression of a company that is going forward and one that is responsive to modern trends. It also looks and feels like a great place to work and one in which the staff are happy and motivated.

We are also very aware of the importance of appropriate office decoration and office furniture. You would not for example, expect the same sort of office decoration or office furniture in a solicitor’s office in Witham as you would a cutting edge advertising agency any where else in Essex and we understand that. Getting your office decoration and office furniture right, to present the right company image is very important and we work closely with our clients, getting to know them and their target market, so that when our work is complete, their offices present exactly the right image.

For an office to present the correct image, everything has to be right, from the office furniture to the office blinds and office flooring. One company may have a strictly corporate image that they must project whereas another may want something quirky and original. Whatever image you are looking to project, GDL Interiors can produce it for you.

We can supply and install everything your office fitout requires, including office flooring, office carpets, office wall coverings, office paint jobs, office furniture, office blinds and office window manifestation. We can supply and install office partitioning, office lighting and electrics as well as suspended ceilings and fire doors. We can fit out boardrooms, meeting rooms, public offices, private offices, typing pools, kitchens and washrooms and we do all of this whilst maintaining close contact with our clients to ensure they are entirely happy with the results.

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