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Differences Between Solid & Hollow Core Doors

Although the solid and hollow core doors look identical they are obviously totally different due to the types of construction.

Solid core doors are far more efficient at reducing sound pollution due to their method of construction. Their density helps to reduce sound transmission both between rooms and from outside the building to inside. They are more energy efficient as the core provides insulation. Solid core doors are also far more secure and a lot more difficult to break into than the hollow core alternative. They are far more durable and able to withstand long term use in areas which receive high levels of traffic.

Solid core doors can be fire rated whereas a hollow core door cannot. It is also far easier to install vision panels within solid core doors due to their more stable construction. You can have vision panels installed in hollow core doors but they will need extra support. Both solid and hollow core doors come in a vast range of finishes and can be adapted to suit the individual requirements of our customers.

You can feel the difference between a solid core and a hollow core door simply by touching them. Hollow doors are very lightweight and swing open easily whereas solid core doors are far heavier and feel a lot sturdier when opening or closing. Another sign of a solid core door is that it will often have insets and recess panels whereas hollow core doors often have a flat surface and a strip of wood applied to the entire perimeter (outside border) of the door.

Hollow core doors are far less expensive than solid core doors in fact solid core doors can be up to 50% more expensive and in some cases solid core doors can cost thousands of pounds.

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