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Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Office

Recent studies have shown that an attractive, comfortable and safe working environment leads to an increase in staff morale and therefore, greater staff retention and productivity.

At GDL Interiors, we specialise in aligning this with those all important first impressions from your customer’s perspective, providing you with a work environment that is not only a joy to operate from but also an inviting space in which to welcome both existing and prospective clients.

Our guide below details a few of the important things to consider when redesigning an office. For more information on our office interior design service, please contact us.

Creating a winning first impression

Getting the company reception area right is key to creating a good first impression to visiting clients and shareholders. This is the first point of contact for people, and where they will make judgements about your business.

A well thought out office reception area will feel spacious and comfortable. To achieve this, choose good quality furniture and use the services of a space planning company to get the best layout for the area you have available.

Consider where visiting clients will sit, and ensure that tea and coffee making facilities are located nearby. Also add a low level coffee table to their seating area, and lay out company literature and relevant reading material to keep clients occupied while they wait. If you have articles published in trade magazines, add tabs to relevant pages to help clients find them quickly.

Make the space feel bright and energised with cheerful artwork, plants and fresh flowers. Fish tanks also work well and add a soothing element to the environment.

Also consider the colour scheme for this area, and add highlights in bright colours to create a contemporary style. It also works well to add corporate colours in detailing such as partitioning strips, blinds or artwork.

Integrating the company brand in the office design

Your company’s branding can be incorporated into the office design to maximise the feeling of staff integration. This has been proven to encourage teamwork and reduce staff turnover.

The location, layout, furniture, artwork and overall look and feel of office will translate the company’s values to your employees and all who visit. It is important therefore to think about the new design and what messages you want it to convey.

The company brand can be incorporated using the company colours somewhere in the design, using glass manifestation techniques on glass partitioning panels, choosing furniture and accessories that are appropriate in price and style to tie in with how you want clients to perceive the company and opting for a layout that is aligned with your business activities.

Making the best use of available space

It is important to make the best use of the space available to you. Paying for too much space is a waste of money, whilst not having enough leads to awkward, cramped and unproductive working conditions. These issues can be resolved through careful and considered office space planning which results in a far more effective use of the space. Also:

  • Previously wasted or vacant areas such as awkward corners can be utilised as breakout areas or as one to one meeting points.
  • Storage walls can also be used to replace less efficient cupboards or filing cabinets.
  • Your office layout can be redesigned with more of an open plan aspect. This will free up the space previously occupied by partition walls and internal doors.

Keeping costs down

In today’s climate it is essential that offices be designed to be as cost effective as possible. When designing a new office, energy efficiency and cost saving features should be an important part of the brief.

  • An open plan office design will save a company money in two ways. It takes less to build than a cubicle style design, so there are fewer set up costs. Also ongoing running costs will be cheaper, as with this layout less space is required for each employee, so a smaller office space will suffice.
  • A saving on heating bills can be achieved with the installation of a suspended ceiling. These reduce the height of the office, so stop some of the heat loss.
  • Design your office to maximise on natural daylight to reduce lighting requirements. This is an easy way to keep costs down and also make your office more environmentally friendly and pleasant to work in.
  • Reduce the number of meeting rooms in your new office design and replace instead with break out spaces. These cost less to build, as they don’t require the partitions needed for an enclosed space.

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