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Maximise Space With Office Wall Partitioning

Maximise Space With Office Partitioning

Partitioning is a very versatile and cost-effective way to make the most from your office space. It can be used to section off areas for reception or storage or create new rooms such as a boardroom or private office within the open plan space. If you plan to expand your business either now or in the future, the intelligent use of partitioning can help you to maximise office space, saving you the cost and expense of moving.

Partitions come in a variety of materials, heights, thickness and finishes to suit all your office requirements. Soundproof partitioning is vital for privacy, so that confidential meetings can be held and important telephone calls be made without distractions. When selecting the right partitions for your office, you will also need to consider fire rating, different types of frameworks for example timber or aluminium, colour, decoration, door finishes, glazing and blinds.

Here, at GDL Interiors we design and install the full range of office partitioning solutions including fire related partitions, glazed partitions, solid partitions, demountable partitions, storage wall partitions and operable partitioning walls.

Choosing the Right Office Partitioning

The first thing to ask is what the finished workspaces will be used for so that you can get the right partitioning for your office requirements. An operable partitioning wall, for instance, is a very versatile option for conference rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms and lecture halls.

Or you may want to consider a solid partition for a more permanent fixture, or a moveable or demountable partition that can be taken down and re-erected at will.

Is soundproofing a requirement? Does it have to be fire-rated? How strong does the dividing wall need to be? If you are opting for a glazed or silicon partition, do you need single, double or triple glazing?

Partitions also come in a range of colours, finishes and door finishes.

The different types of partitioning are:

Solid Wall Partitioning

The two different types of solid partitioning are plasterboard panels and composite panels. A single skin plasterboard panel gives a half-hour fire rating and a double skin gives a one-hour fire rating. The composite panel is constructed with a 27 mm honeycombed core with 9.5 mm of plasterboard skin to either side. This form of solid partitioning is normally used in our demountable partitioning systems.

Storage Wall Partitioning

This serves as a room divider and at the same time provides valuable storage space.

Fire Proof Partitioning

This is used in offices throughout the country and can be seen in corridors, staircase lobbies and lifts. It is a legal requirement to have fire rated partitions in these areas. The amount of time protection they offer can vary from half an hour to two hours depending on the grading.

Demountable Partitioning Walls

Demountable partitioning allows you to alter the layout of your workplace as and when needed as these partitions can be taken down and re-erected quickly and easily.

They are not fire rated so cannot be used when fire-rated partitions are needed.

Operable Partitioning

Sliding or folding partitions are ideal for school halls, hotels, conference and meeting rooms, sports halls, restaurants and lecture rooms as they allow for greater flexibility.  It is also a very attractive way of dividing a room and comes in a range of materials colours or finishes.

Glass Partitioning

Glass partitioning is aesthetically pleasing and is perfect for modern open plan offices as it allows for greater visibility and creates more light within the workplace.

Glass partitioning can be curved or straight with single, double, or triple glazed units although double and triple glazed glass allows for better soundproofing. Blinds can be fitted between the layers of glass for extra privacy and through a process called glass manifestation, the company logo can be applied onto the glass, with a decorative film in order to enhance corporate identity.

Although not usually fire rated, special glass partitions can be fitted that offer some protection against fire.

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