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Room Divider Doors For Your New Office

If you need a quick and easy way to partition your office, then room divider doors are the answer. They are one of the most versatile ways to split an office and you can install them anywhere you need. We offer a range of standard timber or glazed doors for your area including the frameless Avanti Fireclear door. We also offer a range of sliding room divider doors to create temporary partitions when needed. To find out more about our range of doors and why they will benefit you, read on below.

Room Divider Doors

Benefits of Room Divider Doors

There are a number of key benefits to splitting up your office space. First, they make it easy to use space to create rooms within rooms so you can use your space better. Unlike heavy brick or concrete walls and doors, dividers are far easier to move and replace and have more functionality. They can adapt to any arrangement and are easy to move around and use in any space you need.

Flexible dividers are a much cheaper choice for splitting your office space compared to brick and mortar. They add extra privacy to your work areas, such as creating temporary meeting or reception spaces when needed. In addition to this, they can also reduce noise through extra thickness creating sound insulation. Finally, you will need no hefty design or installation procedures to put them up. Divider doors are quick and easy to set up with less disruption to your office space.

Features of Room Divider Doors

One of the main advantages of divider doors is you can set them up and use them in any location you need in the office. You do not need to use any hinges, so you can easily remove and set up the doors anywhere. The sliding doors also eliminate the need for floor tracks, greatly reducing the risk of trip hazards. We make the partitions from lightweight materials such as plasterboard or glazed glass, as well as timber, glazed or frameless fire graded doors.

The sliding room dividers run on multi bearing roller trolleys that hang from ceiling mounted tracks to allow them to open and shut smoothly and quietly. Magnetic strips and seals around the edges, base and head mean that they have a greater sound attenuation, and additional thickness can be added (85 – 100 mm) for extra sound insulation. Panels are framed with anodised aluminium for enhanced strength and style, and there are a wide range of panel materials and finishes available.

Using GDL Interiors

At GDL Interiors we have over 35 years of experience in creating a range of partitions, refurbishments and workplace solutions. Our commitment to high-quality customer service and workmanship has seen us build an impressive list of satisfied clients in the London, Essex and East Anglia regions. To find out more about our range of divider doors and sliding room dividers visit us online or contact our friendly team via phone. For the best quality partitioning in your office contact GDL Interiors today.

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