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School Refurbishment Contractors

Choosing School Refurbishment Contractors To Make the Most of Your Space

Looking for a company to carry out your school refurbishment can be time consuming, especially when it comes to comparing the credentials and levels of proficiency offered by reputable school refurbishment contractors.

With nearly forty years of experience in undertaking office refurbishments, at GDL Interiors we offer a total project management philosophy, along with the integrity and exemplary levels of customer service that are invaluable when it comes to refurbishing schools and college buildings.

For GDL Interiors, no job is too big or too small. As school refurbishment contractors, we have experience in the refurbishing of complete buildings, through to single areas such as classrooms, lecture halls, canteens, sports halls, on campus accommodation including bedrooms and study areas, as well as washrooms and more.

And with many schools and colleges now offering conference facilities during holiday periods, you will find that our know how, when it comes to creating meeting, dining and lecture spaces to the exacting standards that businesses expect, is hard to beat during your school refurbishment.

School Refurbishment – Redesigning Your Space

When we take on your school refurbishment we will take a look at the entire space including your buildings and surrounds. Many school buildings were constructed in eras gone by, for different needs and for considerably fewer students. As your school refurbishment contractors we can redesign your space to meet more modern requirements and to accommodate more people, while creating an inspiring environment for learning.

School Refurbishment – Teaching Spaces

The rooms within your school or college – the classrooms, science labs, lecture halls and other facilities – all need to be designed to facilitate the process of learning while also being of a strong and sturdy build, capable of withstanding constant use by large numbers of people.

We will also work with you to ensure that all equipment is considered and integrated into the teaching spaces, enabling easy use of audio visual equipment, computers and networks. We can ensure that storage is also built into your space. And with our experience as school refurbishment contractors, we can also undertake soundproofing to ensure a quiet environment.

School Refurbishment – Libraries and Study Spaces

As professional school refurbishment contractors we also know the importance of creating space to facilitate private study, whether that is within a university library or for an after school homework space offering cubicles with computer access, for instance. We can design these into your space to ensure just the right level of privacy is maintained.

School Refurbishment – Kitchens and Dining Halls

From highly functional canteens for primary and secondary schools, through to impressive formal dining halls for colleges, as your school refurbishment contractors we can ensure the perfect ambiance for cooking and dining as well as practical solutions for seating. Our designs can also be totally personal to your establishment, including artwork such as school or college logos, emblems and crests on walls or flooring.

School Refurbishment – Washrooms

The washrooms in schools have much more use than in other buildings, and as such, they need to be particularly hard wearing and very easy to keep clean. And in colleges especially, while functionality and practicality remain key, the washroom area also needs to be smart enough to receive distinguished visitors or conference attendees.

School Refurbishment – School Halls and Assembly Spaces

Most school and college halls are used for a variety of activities at different times, easily and quickly adaptable several times during a day. Uses may include assemblies, a place to hold PE lessons, stage school plays and musicals, school or college discos, a venue for parents’ evenings and a quiet hall for exams. And indoor sports such as badminton or basketball may need to take place here too.

Requiring a clever use of space, as experienced school refurbishment contractors we have a multitude of ways to integrate facilities into the design of your hall, with storage for different types of equipment and easy to configure seating or even partition walls for extra flexibility.

School Refurbishment – Offices and Staff Rooms

The design and decoration of office and staff room areas can make a big difference to the morale and wellbeing of your teaching and admin staff. A space to breathe and take a few moments out, the school refurbishment team at GDL Interiors will develop a design to ensure the right levels of separation and privacy from students, while also providing places for private conversations, for example for one to ones with students or parents, as well as for lesson planning.

GDL Interiors – Your School Refurbishment Contractors

When you choose GDL Interiors as your school refurbishment contractors you can rest assured you will gain the maximum benefit from your school refurbishment works.

And working with us is easy. We offer all customers a free, no obligation site visit, talking through your school refurbishment needs while taking note of all aspects of your premises. From here we will provide you with a quote, and should you wish to go ahead with the work, we will liaise with you to ensure the minimum amount of disruption. And as with all of our projects, our school refurbishment workmanship is guaranteed.

To find out more or to book a no obligation site visit for your school refurbishment call us today on 01621 842484.

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