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Solid or Glazed Partition Solution

Which are Best for Your London Office?

Installing solid or glass partitions is an increasingly popular element in office refurbishments, allowing business owners to reconfigure space effectively. Office partitioning is often seen as a solution to issues of noise and privacy, which have been created by the spread of open-plan workplace design.

Anyone considering office partitions will find there is a choice of solid or glass options available – but which are the best for your premises? GDL Interiors has wide experience of installing both solid and glazed partitions in London offices, tailored to the needs of the particular business. Here we take a closer look at the properties of both and show how each can be used to achieve different effects.

How Will the Space be Used?

Before deciding on which type of partitions to install, it’s essential to understand how the space is being used at present. You also need to consider whether any changes are planned once the new partitioning is in place.

The main question is, what’s the motivation for wanting partitions? Are you trying to solve a problem such as a lack of visual or sound privacy, which both often occur where staff are working close together?

Do you want to create clear divisions between different zones within your workplace, for instance closing off sections where different teams are working or separate activities are being carried out? Or are you considering partitions because you want to improve the look of your offices and create a more up-to-date, stylish look, perhaps including an element of branding? Any or all of these elements could lead to a decision to install office partitions, and the relevant factors will need to be borne in mind in making a choice of design.

Factors to consider

As part of the focus on energy conservation within modern offices, there is an increasing desire to make the most of available light. This often means choosing materials which will create a bright, airy feel, such as glass. Another factor to consider is sound. If office partitioning is being installed in order to stop staff being distracted by noise or conversation from elsewhere, or for reasons of sound privacy, then the chosen partitions need a good level of soundproofing.

The choice will also depend on the type of use intended and how this might change over time. Will the demands on the partitioning always be the same, or does it need to have a multi-purpose design? Do you expect the partitions to be constantly in place, or will they only need to be used occasionally and stored away the rest of the time? If the latter, demountable partitions would be the solution.

Other questions to bear in mind are the style of partitioning required, to create a modern or traditional effect, as well as key safety issues. Fire rated partitions are available, while glass manifestation avoids the danger of people colliding with glass partitioning.

Making a Choice to Fit Your Requirements

If you want to maximise light within your offices but at the same time enable visual privacy, frosted glass partitions could be the answer for you. This type of design allows light through but protects the privacy of people on each side of the partition, while also meeting health and safety requirements. Glass manifestation also allows the possibility of building in branding, by incorporating company logos.

If you want light and at the same time want to reduce noise distraction, then clear glass, or partial frosting, will provide a solution. This gives visual benefits of the open plan office, as people can see each other and have a sense of being part of a large team. Double-glazed partitions can help with sound reduction and it is also possible for blinds to be included. Switchable glass, which can go from clear to opaque when privacy is needed, is another alternative in this type of setting.

When creating a meeting room or private office where confidential discussions will be held, full soundproofing is likely to be a top priority. In this type of instance, where light is not a major requirement, we would recommend solid plasterboard partitions as the best option.

If you are seeking cutting-edge design, glazed partitioning offers the most up-to-date and stylish look, and will help to create a striking office design to fit your brand values. We also provide a range of doors to integrate with glazed panels.

Glass Partitions from GDL Interiors

Based at Witham in Essex, GDL can provide all types of solid and glass partitioning as part of a new office fitout or refurbishment. We have more than 30 years of experience and work with businesses in London, East Anglia and across the UK. If you need to arrange an office design, contact us now for more information.

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