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Office Fit Out Contractors – Top Tips From the Professionals at GDL Interiors

If you’re planning an office fit out there are several things you should take into consideration in order to make the process run as smoothly as possible. Embarking on an office fit out mission is a great time to think about how you can encourage creativity, collaboration and concentration in your working environment. Whether you are moving to a larger office space or refurbishing your current office space, these tips are sure to make the process as simple as it can be.

Why Use Office Fit Out Contractors?

  1. Identify your aims and budget: this one may sound slightly obvious, but it is the most essential starting point for any office fit out project. Ensure you consider what will work best for your employees needs and spend carefully.
  2. Consider time: all projects are different, some are more complex, some are quite simple, and all projects take a different period of time to complete. At GDL we work in a timely manner in order to minimise disruption, one of our team will be able to give you a professional opinion on how long the project will take.
  3. Space and storage: it is important to take into account how much space and storage each individual employee requires. Factor in storage space and size when looking at office space or individual storage areas.
  4. Lighting: consider how much natural lighting there is in your space and whether partitioning will reduce ambient light. If so it is important to plan how you will bring adequate light into the office.
  5. Power, data and telephone points: how many power, date and telephone points are required for each employee? Ensure they are placed where they can be easily accessed and are conveniently situated so they are close to where you plan to place desks.

At GDL Interiors, we specialise in affordable office fit outs with minimal disruption to your business. We understand that moving to a new space or refurbishing a current space can be a major upheaval for a business, and that to minimise disruption, the project needs to be completed on time with no hiccups. That’s why we pride ourselves on conducting our office fit outs in a timely, professional manner, ensuring every individual clients needs are put first.

Contact one of our friendly team today to find out more about how we can help you transform your working environment with an office fit out by GDL Interiors.

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