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New Office Fit Outs – Guide to Every Aspect of Office Space Management!

Boost Productivity with a Creative Workspace

Refurbishing your office can make a real difference to staff productivity. While a dull and uninspiring office can stifle ideas and creativity, a well-designed office does just the opposite.

Investing in an office refurbishment may seem like an unnecessary expense, but a creative and welcoming workplace helps generate ideas, increase job satisfaction and presents your company as dynamic and innovative to potential clients.

A well-designed office maximises the use of floor space, equipment and facilities and creates an area that not only looks better, but works better too. It makes a positive impact on your whole business.

It can also cut costs if you are planning to expand your business in the future. Intelligent use of floor space creates more room which in the long run could save you all the expense and upheaval of moving.

If you are a small company, you will not have a huge budget to spend on office refurbishment like the major corporations. But even on a smaller scale, office improvements can reap rewards. It can inspire staff and boost morale as better working conditions increase output and efficiency.

The first step is to contact an office refurbishment company like GDL Interiors Limited and arrange a consultation with one of our experts. We offer a complete service from space planning to implementation and what’s more 80 percent of our work is either repeat business or referrals.

As most people do not have in mind an exact idea of how they want their offices to look, an office design specialist can provide help and guidance on planning, specification and design.

Costs vary depending on the scale and specifics of the project. At GDL Interiors Limited, we offer our clients a free no-obligation site visit, a free no-obligation quotation and we guarantee our workmanship.

Getting the most from your office refurbishment

There are a number of things to consider in order to get the maximum benefit from refurbishing your workspace.

These include:

  • The number of people using the office
  • Building regulations
  • Budget
  • Type of business
  • Corporate identity
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Square footage and shape
  • The type of equipment used
  • Do clients visit the office?

It’s important to recognise the needs of each company and incorporate these into the new office design. Advertising or public relations firms for example will need a bright, creative, show stopping design with a “wow” factor. For others, maximising the workspace for greater efficiency creates a happier environment. Whatever the type of business, it is vital to create a space that is attractive, comfortable, functional, practical and safe.

Here are some of the things to think about when refurbishing your office:

Light up Your Office

Natural lighting should be used wherever possible as it saves costs and helps energise staff. In addition to this, other forms of lighting will also be needed. It is best to steer clear of fluorescent lighting, which can be quite harsh and use track or pendant lighting instead. Individual desk lamps are another good alternative.

Energise with Colour

Creative companies such as advertising or design firms may want something bold, bright and adventurous to stimulate creativity and impress customers. Colour and graphics can create energy although too much contrast can appear too busy and confusing. Accountancy firms, solicitors or financial advisors may want more conservative décor with neutral colours such as cream beige, white and green. Artwork can really liven up an office interior.

Dividing Your Space

Office partitioning is a good way of dividing space and creating privacy in an open plan office. When choosing partitions think about whether soundproofing is needed or whether staff need to communicate easily over partitions. Also consider whether any electrical cabling or wiring is needed.

Office partitioning can also be used to create entirely separate rooms within an office. For example, we supplied and installed demountable partitioning to create a new accounts department within an office for a firm of solicitors.

Suspended Office Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is cost effective. It can save money on fuel bills because there is less room to heat. It can also hide unsightly wires, pipes or duct work whilst still allowing for easy access if any maintenance work needs to be carried out. Lowered ceilings can also increase light and create a more pleasant and attractive environment to work in. For example we installed a suspended ceiling as part of a laboratory refurbishment on behalf of Selcia.

Space Allocation

We maximise the use of floor space and make sure that space is used in the most cost effective and productive way. You may need space for primary or secondary work areas for general office needs and projects, reception and visitor areas, storage, delivery or service areas and meeting spaces. We make sure your workspace is designed in such a way it makes your business run as smoothly as possible. For example at P & O we designed a whole new marketing suite out of a redundant office area.

Stylish and Practical Furniture

Stylish and comfortable furniture improves the productivity of workers and gives clients a good impression. A good mixture of materials and finishes creates a pleasant environment to work in. Workplaces must be designed so they are practical, safe and functional and workers do not injure themselves or strain their backs or necks.

Equipment and Electrical Needs

Consider all electrical needs including computer cabling, telephone and photocopiers, all of which need to have suitable access to power outlets. Hide away unsightly wires for a tidy and safe finish.

New Office Fit Outs – Whether you require all of the above or certain aspects of the service we offer, contact us today.

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