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Suspended Ceilings FAQs

Can a suspended ceiling be fitted in any room?

A suspended ceiling can be adapted to fit most rooms or areas, this is one of the main reasons they are so popular. Certain types of room however, depending on its usage, may require a made for purpose tile or grid.

Do lights fit into the ceiling tiles?

Lights can be fitted into the individual tiles like spot lights or down lighters, however, a more popular and cost effective option is the recessed light fitting which takes the place of a standard whole tile.

Can a suspended ceiling be fitted in a wet area i.e. shower or kitchen?

Yes, using a moisture and corrosion resistant tile and grid.

Do suspended ceilings come in different colours?

They are usually supplied in white but can be obtained in a variety of alternative colours.

Is a suspended ceiling fire proof?

Yes, fire ratings can be achieved when using a certain type of tile. A site survey will be required to determine what is required in order to conform to fire regulations.

Is it expensive to install a suspended ceiling?

Absolutely not, it is one of the most economical and versatile ways of transforming your ceiling area.

Is it true that a suspended ceiling can reduce sound levels?

Yes with enhanced sound absorption and attenuation, soundproofing is increased.

Does a suspended ceiling need much maintenance?

Zero maintenance is required.

Will it give more light in our office?

Yes, suspended ceilings greatly improve lighting possibilities. They are also excellent for optimising light reflections.

Will my suspended ceiling go mouldy if it’s exposed to regular steam?

Not if the right type of suspended ceiling is installed. Ceilings with specific performance against bacteria, mould and mildew should be installed in such areas where steam may occur.

Can I use the space between ceilings as storage?

No, this is not recommended under any circumstances.

Will I still be able to access the area above the suspended ceiling?

Yes, access panels are fitted when the ceiling is installed, allowing access to the void for maintenance or repairs.

Do you take credit card payments for suspended ceilings?

No unfortunately we do not have this facility at the moment.

Can you fit our suspended ceiling out of normal working hours?

Yes, we will schedule the work to be carried out at a time to suit you.

Can I hang things off the grid in my suspended ceiling?

We would strongly advise against it. Should you wish to do so however, additional support must be provided and calculations made by a structural engineer, to make sure they are adequately and securely fixed.

Can I get a pattern on my tiles?

Yes, there are a number of options available for tiles with printed designs or patterns.

I currently have a suspended ceiling, can I paint it?

Yes, but you must use the correct paint for the environment in which suspended ceiling is located.

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